Welcome to Total Lawn Treatments
For a healthy, great looking lawn all year round, contact us today.
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Welcome to Total Lawn Treatments
For a healthy, great looking lawn all year round, contact us today.
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Lawn Care Llanelli - Our Services

Lawn Care Llanelli

Lawn Treatments

Our treatments have been designed to give you a lush, healthy, weed free lawn all year round.



We use rear roller mowers to give our customers the very much desired striped lawn finish.

Scarifying Lanelli


Scarifying is the process of removing excessive thatch, dead grass and moss, significantly improving the quality and appearance of your lawn.

Lawn Care Llanelli, Burry Port, Kidwelly, Pembrey, Ammanford, and the surrounding areas

At Total Lawn Treatments, we strive to give you the best looking lawn we possibly can. In addition to our lawn care Llanelli service, our programs are also available in Burry Port, Kidwelly, Pembrey, Ammanford, and the surrounding areas. They are affordable, professional, extremely effective, and start from only £10. Using our very own bespoke, professional fertilizers, along with highly advanced weed control, we can ensure that you have a healthy, great looking lawn all year round.

Being a local, Llanelli based and independent business, we can assure you that our service is personal, professional, reliable, not driven by targets, but driven by customer satisfaction. We will not offer you a service that is unnecessary.
You will be surprised in what we can do to your lawn.

Fantastic service provided and very responsible pricing. My lawn has gone from being full of weeds to almost weed free with two treatments. Its totally transformed not only the look of the lawn but the front of the whole house. Very happy.

Nick Thomas

What We Do?

We want the opportunity to make your lawn lush, green, weed and moss free and something desirable to look at and enjoy.
To accomplish this we make quarterly visits to your lawn throughout the year, and apply our professional granular treatments up to 4 times a year, depending on what the lawn needs. As we are licensed and have the relevant training, we can use professional grade herbicides only available for use by NPTC certified operatives. This enables us to keep your lawn weed free.

We have designed our lawn treatments to be extremely effective and better value for money than any product available to the DIY market. 

Our bespoke fertilizers are a blend of slow and standard release fertilizers which slowly feed the lawn, breaking down over a period of around 3 months. They are not available at any DIY store and as they are a professional product, they give excellent results.

The herbicides we blanket spray over your lawn are selective, which means they only target and kill unsightly weeds and not the grass itself. This allows us to keep your lawn weed free and in tip top condition.
We also offer scarifying, hollow core aerating, moss control, hard surface weed control and regular lawn mowing, a complete service for lawn care Llanelli.

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