Lawn Scarifying Llanelli

Lawn Scarifying Llanelli

Professional Lawn Scarifying Services Llanelli, Burry Port & Surrounding Areas

Scarifying is the mechanical removal of naturally occurring surface thatch to improve the quality and appearance of your lawn.

When this thatch gets too thick it prevents important nutrients such as water, fertilizer and oxygen from getting to the grass roots. The after effect of this is a mossy and spongy lawn.

Scarification removes most of the surface thatch, moss and dead grass by passing over your lawn with rotating knife like blades. It will also cut lateral growth of the grass blades and encourage new growth.

This will help produce a thicker lawn. Not to be confused with lawn raking, this process is more thorough and should be included in a good lawn care programme.

Total Lawn Treatments offer our lawn scarifying service when weather conditions allow. Spring or autumn is a great time to carry out this process as the lawn will recover faster, we would not recommend having your lawn scarified in the summer.

Rainfall is needed to help new growth and for the lawn to recover. During the summer, this is more of a risk as the weather can be unpredictable.

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