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Total Lawn Treatments provide many different lawn treatments and services in and around Llanelli from scarifying to mowing, aeration and turfing.

Lawn Treatments Llanelli offers seasonal treatments for your lawn that are tailored to your lawns needs at a specific time of the year. Looking after your lawn all year round will ensure you always have the best looking lawn on the street!

Spring Lawn Treatments Llanelli

Spring is the time for new growth and getting your lawn back into shape from the cold and wet winter.

Our bespoke Spring treatment has been designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs after a cold and wet winter. It will encourage the lawn to wake up from dormancy by giving your lawn a balanced mix of key nutrients.

This balanced mix of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium will help your grass grow stronger and give it that vibrant, lush green colour that we all love.

Our Spring treatment is in granular form and will break down over a period of 3 months, gently feeding your lawn throughout the spring season.

Along with a granular feed, we apply a selective herbicide to eradicate young, broadleaved weeds such as daisies, dandelions, clover, plantains and buttercup that tend to develop throughout the spring months.

After a period of 14 days you will start to see the difference with your lawn.

Early Summer Lawn Treatment

Our summer treatment has been designed to work along with dry, hot and sunny weather.

As a result our feed is 100% coated so as not to scorch or burn your grass.

The nutrients in this treatment are the same as the spring treatment, but are at a different ratio to give the correct amount of food to the lawn when it needs it.

We use a different type of selective herbicide at this time to target the tougher weeds so you can enjoy a thick, deep green, weed free lawn during your summer BBQ’s.

Late Summer Lawn Treatment

Once again your lawn will be fed with our very own bespoke feed, giving your lawn the ideal amount of nutrients through the summer. If we have no rain fall or you do not feel inclined to water your lawn, this treatment will just stay on top of the soil waiting for any moisture so that it can get to work on feeding your grass.

It’s worth remembering that just like us humans, we need water to keep us hydrated, your lawn gets thirsty too! Especially during the hot and dry weather.

By watering your lawn through dry spells, this will ensure your lawn stays green, healthy and looking great!

We will also apply a selective herbicide to kill weeds, that’s if you have any left of course!

Autumn / Winter Lawn Treatments Llanelli

As the weather starts to turn colder, your lawns growth will start to slow down.

As a result of this, we won’t apply any nutrients that encourage growth. Instead, we apply a liquid-based micronutrient which is designed to stimulate chlorophyll activity for a stronger, more robust lawn that’s better able to cope with the harsh, winter weather.

It will also give your lawn a deep green colour. This treatment also dehydrates any moss that may have developed throughout the season, helping to control it by slowing down its growth. By keeping the moss spores to a low level, it also gets your lawn ready for scarifying.

Managed by a ThriveWP care plan. ❤️